Who activates a treasure hunt?

A treasure hunt event can be activated only by the platform manager.

If a player closes the app, does he need to re-log in and re-select the event he was participating in?

When the app reopens, the player is redirected to the game screen of the previously selected event.

Is it possible to participate to every event?

Yes, if the event is not password protected, any Hunter registered on the Platform can participate in the active events, as long as it is in the location indicated or reaches it on time.

If two or more players find the treasure at the same time, what happens?

This cannot happen, since the scanning is instantaneous, even if it is a qrcode treasure, only a smartphone would be able to detect it.

If for certain reasons an Event needs to be interrupted, what happens?

When the organizer forcibly suspends an Event, an alert appears on players' smartphones.

Can a player take part in the Treasure Hunt of an event already started?

As long as the Event is active, a player can take part at any time.

If there is a malfunction of the game during the Event, who can the players turn to?

Players may request the support of one or more staff members present for the duration of the Event.

Why doesn’t the screenshot of the winning code appear in the smartphone gallery?

Probably is not allowed the access of the app to the gallery. Just change the settings and try again.