The potential Platform Manager has a control panel available through a web application. This is accessible by logging in with the credentials provided. Once logged in, the Treasure Hunting Event can be built by the platform manager, which has to complete sequential steps.

Step 1: Creation of locations, or places where qrcode are placed. Each location is given a name, a description, a photo and a qrcode. The identification of the place can also be generic (for example numbered). It is not mandatory to upload photos or descriptions specific to the game.

Step 2: construction of clues (minimum 3), suggestions needed to find the Treasure. Each clue must be given a name, a description, a score and a location.

Step 3: Structure and management of an Event. The administrator chooses a name, a start date/time and a welcome message that appears on the game screen. From here, players move in search of the first clue. Optional choices are available to the manager: enable the ranking button and view the player score; use one or more passwords to protect the treasure hunt. To make the event playable, the administrator must click on “Enable”. In case of emergency can end by clicking on “Stop”.

Optional: Send push notifications to all devices that are participating in the current event, or that have participated at least once in the organized events.

In the event of a game malfunction, participants may request the support of the staff members of the Company, present for the duration of the Treasure Hunt.