Treasure Hunting mode!

Ready to run? It’s the most frenetic and addictive mode of this game. It is a real and “classic” treasure hunt where you have to go in search of the clues, solving the puzzles, to get before the others to the Treasury. This means that they can compete against each other or in teams.

The platform manager activates a Treasure Hunt visible to all registered players. It can also protect the event with a password. A data or wi-fi connection is required to participate. After logging into the app, you have to go to the place indicated in the event.

Reading the clues, players search for the exact QR-CODE. Whoever scans the final clue first wins the Treasure Hunt. The winner will display, on the app, a screenshot with a code that will be saved in the smartphone gallery. The invitation to tender shall be interrupted and each participant shall receive a notification.

Modalità QUIZ!

The QUIZ mode develops by asking the question about the application and the possible answers on a sheet. The player, once read the question, will have to scan the QR-CODE relative to the correct answer.

The QUIZ mode can be handled individually or by creating groups of people forming a single SQUADRA.